1MW Chess Robots KidZania Mumbai

1MW Chess Robots @ KidZania, Mumbai
The 1MW Chess Robots were installed successfully at KidZania, Mumbai on February 21st, 2015. The team at KidZania wanted us to make the gameplay such that both kids and their parents could play together on the life-size chess board against our robots. We have entertained thousands of visitors at KidZania and kids love the game and keep coming back to play the game many times over.

1MW Chess Robots @ Legoland California

The 1MW Chess Robots got a huge reception on July 17th, 2010 at LegoLand California, CA, USA. The Bots played to the great excitement of the audience and were only edged out marginally by the Mountain Lake Chess Team by 2:1 in a five match series. The Bots shook sporting hands with the team and walked away to the applause of the audience. The big surprise however came when we discovered later that the Bots had actually dumbed themselves down to concede defeat to the kids! Bots with a soul ain’t they? :))

Chess Robots LegoLand
1MW Chess Robots Discovery Science Center

1MW Chess Robots @ Discovery Science Center California

On August 15 and 16, Discovery Science Center visitors got the chance to experience and visualise the ultimate game of chess! Karan Kamdar and Peter Shikli from RoboTeamX, a company committed to the study of robotics, developed robots who can actually communicate with each other. On a giant chess board, 16 robots competed against 16 humans in a game of chess and 1MW Chess Robots Won their very first game!

1MW Chess Robots @ SDSA Robotic Education Expo

The 1MW Chess Robots absolutely love to participate in educational activities that foster a spirit of collaboration and learning in children and adults alike. We are proud to have participated in several educational expos all over the world, specially our association with the SDSA (San Diego Science Alliance) for its generous ongoing efforts in making quality edutainment activities, robotic expos and workshops available to thousands of students in the San Diego County.

We would be delighted to be part of your educational program, expo or other event. In addition, we can also completely customise these robots to suit your event’s needs. Just give us a buzz and our bots will be honoured to bring the wonderful game of chess to your event.

1MW Chess Robots SDSA Robotics Education Expo
1MW Chess Robots Story

The 1MW Chess Robots Story

The 1MW Chess Robots were invented by Karan Kamdar while he was getting his Masters’ Degree in Artificial Intelligence at the University of California, Irvine. Karan started from a small dorm room with the fantastic dream of building a large scale chess set and autonomous distributed intelligence which would rival any human team. Karan sold his vision to Mr. Peter Shikli, CEO of Bizware Applications who was running a chess company called as MegaChess which sold large scale chess pieces. After that it was like a match made in heaven with Karan working day in and day out to build the entire team of robots and the chess board in the basement of Mr. Shikli’s house in San Clemente, California. Peter got in the deals and funded the project while Karan solved a host of technical issues.

The 1MW Chess Robots debuted at the Discovery Science Center in Orange County, CA on August 15th, 2009 and beat a team of humans in their very first game. It made several appearances at major places and theme parks such as LegoLand California creating quite a buzz in the country. It was also covered widely by the media with CBS and Orange County Register making first hand videos of the Bots in action. The story has also been published across various digital media channels, online blogs and websites alike:

Slideshow: http://www.ocregister.com/news/robots-209470-sciencedude-chess.html?pic=1

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