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Agricultural Drones

Our full service agricultural drones bring a host of benefits to you.

Advantages of 1MW Agricultural Drones :

  • Increase Crop Yield per Hectare
  • Determine Irrigation Issues
  • Get NDVI Maps of your land
  • Determine Fertilizer Application Zones
  • Employ Precision Agriculture Techniques

Wind Turbine Interior and Exterior Inspection

1MW has built proprietary high wind-resistant drones for the inspection of wind turbines. Wind turbines comprise of many different electrical and mechanical components which are susceptible to wear and can break down. This is not only costly but can also be dangerous.

Advantages of 1MW Wind Turbine Inspection Drones :

  • Inspections can be carried out throughout the year, both onshore and offshore.
  • We can inspect both the interior and exterior of wind turbines.
  • Safety of inspection staff is increased, since the application is controlled from the ground.
  • Inspection takes only 10-15 mins so wind turbines do not have to be shut off.
  • Our drones can be equipped with a variety of sensors, including high resolution thermal, video or digital cameras producing crisp images that can be later analyzed.
  • Our drones can be either manually controlled or can fly autonomously on a predefined path.

Solar Panel Inspection and Monitoring

1MW provides solar panel inspection service and monitoring using our drones equipped with high resolution visible and thermal imaging cameras. This provides an innovative and economical way of getting a calculated ROI on the solar panels installed. Only through such aerial inspections can a client detect inefficiencies on the panels or any defects.

Advantages of using 1MW Drones for solar panel inspection

  • Detection of faults and hot-spots on the solar panels
  • System does not have to be shut down during inspection
  • Safety – Employees are not exposed to hazardous conditions
  • Huge cost savings and excellent Return on Investment
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