About 1MW

1 Martian Way (1MW) is an AI company with deep expertise in software that powers drones, robots, web/mobile platforms and advanced automation products. Creators of IDRL.

Our areas of expertise include:

  1. – AI software platforms for drones, robots, web/mobile apps
  2. – Custom made Drones and Robots
  3. – Turnkey Industrial Automation products
  4. – Swarm Robotics
  5. – DroneĀ Image Processing
  6. – Drone Advertising
  7. – Edutainment Products such as 1MW Chess Robots
  8. – AI/Robotics/Drones Education for Schools, Colleges & Universities

We have executed several projects for top local and international brands. Some of our distinguished clients include:

Burger King
Discovery Science Center


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