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Day and Night time Drone Aerial Advertising Service from 1 Martian Way. We provide cutting edge technology to fly your brand, logo, products or services. Drone Advertising is a new exciting space which takes traditional banner advertising to a whole new level. Our drone advertising combines cutting-edge drone technology like fully autonomous banner flying, one click take off and landing with the aesthetics of great quality aerial advertising resulting in an innovative service for our clients that gets them an unprecedented level of exposure and visibility.

Whether it be flying your brand logo or slogan or advertising your products and services in an eye-catching fashion, we can design custom aerial banners and fly them as high as 500 feet. We can also fly them both during the day and night time with the help of our long lasting super bright LED setup for an experience that will have your customers absolutely spell-bounded by your banner in the sky.

Our banners are available in a range of standard banner sizes like 2′ x 4′ or 3′ x 8′ or custom banner sizes as per your requirement. We use several different drones for our banner advertising depending upon payload and customer requirement:

1. 1MW SkyCreeper Drone – Payload capacity of 500 gms. Quad design. Can carry lightweight as well as medium banners upto tested size of 3′ x 4′.

2. 1MW Industrux Lite – Payload capacity of 1 kg. Fully Autonomous Banner Flying. Hex design for providing greater stability and fault tolerance in flight. Can carry lightweight banners with ease and very large banners of 3’x8′ or more.

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