IDRL – Indian Drone Racing League

IDRL is India’s First and Largest Drone Racing Sports League. Since our inception in August 2016 at IIT Gandhinagar, we have completed 9 editions of IDRL Season 1 races across the nation at various prominent institutes and locations which are outstanding examples of world class drone racing events hosted by IDRL.

IDRL also has the reputation of conducting India’s first night drone racing at IIT Madras. The IDRL Community has 400+ registered pilots on the platform.

RoboLand India

RoboLand is the World’s First Human Robot Gaming Zone. We take Man-Machine interaction to a whole new level by building and deploying entertainment concepts using unique and innovative robotics. You can have a RoboLand setup for any event whether it be corporate showcase or birthday parties, we have something for you always.

We also conduct RoboLand Workshops which present a unique opportunity for everyone to engage in learning about the technology that make robots work. Build your own robots too and play with them!


India’s First 360 x 360 Drone Aerial Videography

1 Martian Way performed India’s first 360×360 Drone Aerial Videography in Tamil Nadu and Kerala, India for an innovative Virtual Reality project for the famous French fragrance company Guerlain and the Fisheye Magazine.

A Custom 360 degree Video Setup consisting of a 12 GoPro Camera rig was manufactured and mounted on the drone. Excellent stability of our aircraft was achieved at high payload and under windy conditions.

1MW Chess Robots @ KidZania, Mumbai

The 1MW Chess Robots were installed successfully at KidZania, Mumbai on February 21st, 2015. The team at KidZania wanted us to make the gameplay such that both kids and their parents could play together on the life-size chess board against our robots.

We have entertained thousands of visitors at KidZania and kids love the game and keep coming back to play the game many times over.

1MW Chess Robots KidZania Mumbai

1MW Burger Dropping Drone for Burger King, India

On January 7th, 2015, 1 Martian Way did India’s first proof of concept food delivery using drones for Burger King India at their launch event in Phoenix Mills, Lower Parel, Mumbai. Our team came up with an intelligent time-saving solution to modify the DJI Phantom 2 Vision + Drone by fitting it with a custom-made robotic gripper and custom electronics.

The gripper was remotely triggered through the camera motion tilt while in mid-air using a mobile app that we made for the iOS platform using DJI SDK toolkit.

Drones & Robotics Education @ KJSIEIT

1 Martian Way conducts a specially designed robotics education program for the K. J. Somaiya Institute of Engineering and Information Technology. The program involves a hands-on approach to building robots and understanding the fundamentals of electronics and software in a fun and entertaining manner.

We invite other schools, colleges and universities to contact us on how we can conduct training at their institutes

Chess Robots LegoLand

1MW Chess Robots @ Legoland California

The 1MW Chess Robots got a huge reception on July 17th, 2010 at LegoLand California, CA, USA. The Bots played to the great excitement of the audience and were only edged out marginally by the Mountain Lake Chess Team by 2:1 in a five match series. The Bots shook sporting hands with the team and walked away to the applause of the audience. The big surprise however came when we discovered later that the Bots had actually dumbed themselves down to concede defeat to the kids! Bots with a soul ain’t they? :))

1MW Chess Robots @ Discovery Science Center California

On August 15 and 16, Discovery Science Center visitors got the chance to experience and visualise the ultimate game of chess! Karan Kamdar and Peter Shikli from RoboTeamX, a company committed to the study of robotics, developed robots who can actually communicate with each other. On a giant chess board, 16 robots competed against 16 humans in a game of chess and 1MW Chess Robots Won their very first game! This was the 1st version of the 1MW Chess Robots.

1MW Chess Robots Discovery Science Center
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