Geospatial Intel Suite

Our suite of advanced geospatial intelligence software comprises of 1MW AirDiff – Change Detection Software for large infrastructure assets and 1MW xFleetY – Drone fleet monitoring and tracking

1MW Backduck

AI Web/Mobile Platforms

Our AI driven Web/Mobile Platform includes solutions that power large drone racing communities such as IDRL and MegaDroneX. We have also delivered software for the healthcare sector.

1MW Sitara Mapping Drone

1MW Drones/UAVs

1MW Sitara – Mapping Drone with 4K Multispectral Camera for Agriculture, Mining, Construction, Inspection and Infrastructure. Completely Autonomous with Free Mapping Software. Extremely easy to use.

1MW FULStack - Drone Enterprise Platform

The Enterprise Drones as a Service (DaaS) Data Gathering and Analytics Platform for industries covering Agriculture, Railways, Oil & Gas, Mining, Wind Turbines, Solar Panel Inspections and others.

1MW Aerial Videography

High Resolution 4K Aerial Videography and post processing solution using our custom made drones.

1MW Chess Robots

1MW Robots

1MW manufactures an innovative range of robots for industrial, edutainment and consumer use. Our expertise covers areas such as machine vision, algorithms, swarm robotics.

IDRL - Indian Drone Racing League

IDRL is the first and official drone racing league in India. The mission of IDRL is to organize drone racing competitions at a national and international level in India and provide a platform, tools and support for both the best and budding drone racing pilots in India. The primary concept of IDRL is based on seasons with each season having several events. IDRL partners with various organizations, institutes, colleges and schools in order to conduct these events.

1MW Store

1MW’s innovative range of drones, robots and kits are available for purchase from the 1MW Store.

AI for Drones, Robots, Automation

1 Martian Way (1MW) is an AI company with deep expertise in software that powers drones, robots, web/mobile platforms and advanced automation products.


1 Martian Way has executed several large projects for local and international clients alike and provided them with cutting edge products and solutions.

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