Geospatial Intel Suite


1MW AirDiff

1MW AirDiff is a High Speed Change Detection Engine for visualizing differences between large multi-mile aerial datasets acquired at different periods of time. It is applicable for use in monitoring large infrastructure assets such as oil and gas pipelines.

Drone Fleet and Airspace Management

1MW xFleetY

1MW xFleetY is the first software for the Indian UAV industry for monitoring and tracking a fleet of drones. Being actively developed for the DGCA, we are building a standards platform for civilian UAVs to be tracked in the low altitude Indian airspace.

AI Web/Mobile Platforms

1MW Backduck

1MW Backduck

1MW Backduck is the software that’s powering large drone racing communities such as IDRL and MegadroneX. Incorporating cutting-edge client/server side frameworks and AI, its helping build local and international communities.

1MW Backduk Mobile

1MW Backduck Mobile

1MW Backduck Mobile is our AI platform for mobile devices based on 1MW Backduck. Built on industry leading tools and one code base philosophy, it delivers simplicity and customization for a range of industries that require on-the-go insight into their data.

1MW Drones/UAVs

1MW Industrux Lite

1MW Industrux Lite

India’s first UAV series meant for Industrial Applications – Lite version (payload ~ 1Kg) with the following features:

1. Package and Payload Delivery Drone
2. High Precision, Fast and Stable flight
3. Programmable Autonomous Flight Path Navigation
4. Optionally attach Gimbal and Camera
5. Flying Range 2 km – Can be further increased for long range
6. 25 to 30 mins Flight Time depending on payload
7. One key Takeoff, Landing and Auto-Return

1MW Sitara Mapping Drone

1MW Sitara Mapping Drone

Mapping Drone with 4K Multispectral Camera for Agriculture, Mining, Construction, Inspection and Infrastructure. Completely Autonomous with Free Mapping Software. Extremely easy to use.

1. Advanced Features
2. Long Range and 35 mins Flight Time
3. 2 Kg Payload capacity
4. Autonomous Mission Capability
5. Use for many purposes like mapping, surveys, surveillance, industrial uses, aerial advertising, drone delivery and others
6. Advanced Failsafe Features
7. Auto takeoff and Landing
8. Full GPS driven for superior stability
9. Comes with two batteries, box, remote, 4k Gopro Hero 4 Camera
10. Very easy to use and safe

1MW Robots


1MW Chess Robots

1MW Chess Robots are the world’s first truly autonomous self-playing Chess Robots and a Giant Robot Chess Set in which upto 16 human players can play against a team of 16 robots on a 16 feet x 16 feet chess board built out of 64 interlocking foam tiles. 

Inspired by the Harry Potter Wizard Chess, this is an absolutely amazing and captivating gaming experience unlike anything that has been done with robotics before.


RoboLand India

RoboLand is the World’s First Human Robot Gaming Zone. We take Man-Machine interaction to a whole new level by building and deploying entertainment concepts using unique and innovative robotics

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