Artificial Intelligence - Web/Mobile Platforms
1MW Backduck

1MW Backduck is the software that’s powering large drone racing communities such as IDRL and MegaDroneX. Incorporating cutting-edge client/server side frameworks and AI,its helping build local and international communities.

The platform comes with core social networking features such as Newsfeed, Follow/Following, Real-time chat as well as powerful AI features such as detecting the emotions/mood of users, learning from behavior of large set of users, recommendations engine etc as we continue to build more features. It can easily be adapted to build ecommerce marketplaces, building any sort of community or incorporating data analysis and visualization tools.

1MW Backduck Mobile

1MW Backduck Mobile is our AI platform for mobile devices based on 1MW Backduck. Built on industry leading tools, it is customizable for a range of industries that require on-the-go insight into their data.

At 1 Martian Way, we believe in simplicity for developers and users and hence have designed the mobile platform such that you can target different devices with one code base. With Backduck Mobile you get a powerful suite of features on the front-end as well as access to APIs at the backend that perform all that AI magic.