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1MW AirDiff

1MW AirDiff is a Change Detection Software for Visualization of differences between large aerial datasets acquired at different periods of time. It is applicable for use in monitoring large infrastructure assets such as oil and gas pipelines, roads, highways etc.

The software is agnostic to how the data is captured. This means that if we have two datasets of the same area but they are relatively different to each other in terms of their overall size, lighting conditions, rotation, translation, scaling or other such transformations including those when one image is a subset of the other, then the software is able to equalize these images and perform the change detection.

The AirDiff engine can run on a variety of platforms both on the client and server side. To the left is shown an instance of AirDiff running as an application on the desktop.

1MW xFleetY

1MW xFleetY is the first software for the Indian UAV industry for monitoring and tracking a fleet of drones. Being actively developed for the DGCA, we are building a standards platform for civilian UAVs to be tracked in the low altitude Indian airspace.

This is going to largely help the industry takeoff as we believe that not being able to track the number of different drones out there is the predominant reason for the industry being held to a standstill. Although developed for the DGCA, we believe that our technology can also be used across many other industries. So if you would like to know more, kindly get in touch with us.